blocked drainsDrains can be a real pain when they become blocked, not only can blocked drains have a horrible smell they can also be a hazard to your and your neighbor’s health! Therefore if your drains are blocked it is important to get them sorted straight away, to prevent further problems occurring.

Causes of Blocked Drains

Typical causes of a blocked drain is a build up of foreign items inside the drain causing it to block, preventing water from passing. Examples of these foreign items that can cause a drain to block include grease, fat, leaves and nappies as well as many more. Below we have gone into more detail about the specific causes of blocked drains.


From my own experience, I have found that if you pour hot fat down the kitchen sink, say for example from some lamb chops. When the hot fat hits the coldness down the sink it solidifies forming a blockage within the drain preventing water from passing.


Nappys flushed down the toilet is a common cause of blocked drains, nappies are not designed to be flushed down the toilet, nappies are designed to soak up water which causes them to expand and become heavy which could easily cause a blockage within the drain


Corrosion is another cause for blocked drains, if your drains are old and rusty, parts of the drain could break off within the pipe. These foreign objects can cause a build-up within the drain causing a blocked drain.

Simple Steps to Prevent Blocked Drains

There are several simple steps we got from, you could take to ensure your drains do not become blocked. Prevention is certainly better than cure when it comes to blocked drains! Quick thinking now could save you money in the long run, prevent those drains from blocking in the first instance is a must. Below we have highlighted several ways you can prevent your drains from becoming blocked.

  • Keep an eye on what you put down the sink, do not pour fat down your kitchen sink
  • Keep an eye on what you put down the toilet, make sure you just put toilet tissue down
  • Use a bath strainer in your bath to prevent hair going down the plug and causing a blockage in the drains
  • Use a kitchen sink strainer to catch any food that could potentially go down your sink and cause your drains to block.

Give Ant Plumbers a call when your drains are blocked.

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