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Got a clogged toilet or Bath ? Need to have your faucet or water heater fixed, and fast? Russo Bros. & Co. is the plumber for any job in Pretoria East, no matter how complex.

A properly functioning plumbing system is vital to any home. Your plumbing brings fresh water to your home, heats and conditions it for usage, and removes waste. In short, it is key to maintaining the health and cleanliness of your home and family, or your building and its occupants. Call us 24/7 to speak with a representative. Ant plumbers Pretoria East is staffed with the highest caliber of technicians to solve your problems quickly and efficiently. Antplumbers know how important it is to get your plumbing issues resolved fast and effectively, and we’ll get them repaired that same day if we can.

We have been solving the plumbing needs of clients all over Pretoria east  for many  years,

Plumber Pretoria east services 

Ant Plumbers  handles every type of plumbing situation for our clients in Pretoria east , including:

  • Regular repair and maintenance for all fixtures (sinks, toilets, faucets, showers, etc.)
  • Water heaterrepair and replacement
  • Bathroom and kitchen remodeling
  • Water pipe installation and repair
  • Gas barbeque grill and fireplace installation
  • Appliance hookups (dishwashers, dryers, icemakers, etc.)
  • Sump pump and batter back up installation and repair
  • Water drainage diagnosis and repair
  • Well and booster pump installation and repair
  • Home and building winterization
  • Water quality analysis
  • Water softener installation and repair
  • And related services
  • Ejector pump installation and repair

Russo Bros. & Co. also offers comprehensive drain cleaning services and backflow prevention inspections.

WHY CHOOSE Ant Plumbers . AS YOUR Pretoria East plumbers ?

When you need plumber in Pretoria East  , whether you have a major emergency or need a minor repair, call Ant Plumbers . Here are just a few reasons why homeowners all over the state have been coming back to us for many yeards :


  • Antplumbers offer straightforward pricing. We give you a quote, and we stick to it!
  • Our plumbers will always respect your home, leaving each property as clean as when we started.
  • Antplumbers offer 100% customer satisfaction—guaranteed!

Ant Plumbers . is your one-stop-shop for plumbing in Pretoria East . Call 0610267185  or contact us online to have an experienced plumber dispatched to your home.


Ant Plumbers Plumbing Services  Pretoria East 

When looking for proficient plumbing companies, you need to
have a checklist that entails some key things that are vital for consideration.
Things like professionalism, credibility, and reliability are crucial for any
kind of infrastructural work. Plumbing services can involve various things
depending on your needs. In general, all kinds of structures that require
systems such as heating, waste removal, and other installations fall under the
plumbing umbrella. These services are definitely crucial and need to be done
only by qualified experts if you are to get the best quality. If you are
looking for quality plumbers Pretoria East, specialists who can do a
commendable job, then you are on the right page.

Who We Are

Antplumbers are an experienced plumbing Company in Pretoria East  that does all kinds of
plumbing works for our clients. We have been in the industry for a considerable
amount of time. Over the time we have been in operation, we have had the
pleasure of giving our services to many satisfied customers. Our company is
built on a foundation of quality and excellence. We are capable of fixing
various systems and our experience is extensive. We have an expertise in a wide
array of plumbing services that involves installations, repair, and
maintenance. We are always prepared to give services to customers who need
emergency fixes.

Antplumbers have a team of skilled plumbers Pretoria East  who are passionate about
their work. Our entire team is well trained and up to date with relevant
skills. We have a reputable record of producing quality work as we have stringent
quality control measures. All our team members have valid credentials having
been trained in reputable institutions. Our professionalism is not only about
relevant training, however. Our team is also self-motivated and they do their
work with passion. We have managed to ensure that all our services are modern
and meet the expectations of clients. We put a lot of emphasis on reevaluating
and reassessing the skills of our members in order to meet the modern market

About Plumbers Pretoria East  plumbing Service

We offer numerous plumbing services to our customers. Antplumbers do
installations, repairs, maintenance and all other core plumbing jobs. Our
services are backed by modern tools and standards. Antplumbers have invested heavily in
acquiring all the right equipment that allows us to do remarkable work. Our
equipment comprises of modern tools that have been tested and proven in the
real world. As a company, we take great joy in the fact that we have all the
arsenal required to do any plumbing job. Our services are defined by relevant skills
and the right tools.

Our  plumbing Services Pretoria East also involve assessment and follow-up on the
projects we have done. Antplumbers have proficient communication channels where our
clients can be able to reach us from. Unlike other companies, we take a keen
interest in the welfare of every customer that we serve. This is why we keep in
touch with our clients even after a particular project has been concluded. We
ensure that adequate follow-up services are done in order to ensure the
sustenance of the projects we do. Our contacts are always open for our
customers and any inquiries about services are keenly addressed.

Our Guarantee

When working with us, you can be guaranteed of getting a
credible job. Our expertise is unmatched and Antplumbers do our work in a timely manner.
Our team is also very conversant with the current trends and we do every
project according to its scope. In terms of our relationship with our clients,
we put the interests of the customer first. To that extent, we do all our work
once we have established a workable formula with our customers. We do not just
force our recommendations to our customers, instead, Antplumbers listen keenly and take
their concerns. All our services are based on an adequate assessment of the
site to establish the right approach needed to do a job. We put emphasis on
analyzing the needs of each project and then give a complete detail of our
findings to the client. Antplumbers are the go-to quality plumbers Pretoria East.

Choose Quality Plumbers That Stand Out From the Rest

If you are looking for reliable commercial or residential
plumbing services, there are many things that you should look for. Plumbing
services offered by a proficient company are critical when you want to achieve
desired quality in your property. Depending on the scope of the project, there
might be several considerations necessary. In general, a good plumbing company
should be able to inform you on the technical details of a project before work
commences. As a client, some of the key things you should consider when hiring
any plumbing firm include:

Professionalism: It is important to get a company that takes
its work seriously and delivers work in a timely manner. Professionalism
involves timely delivery, efficiency, and quality work.

Licensing: In order to safeguard your investment, you need
to work with a company that is regulated and licensed by the relevant
authorities. Licenses are key when you want to establish the credibility of any

Effective communication: Plumbing involves deliberations
between the client and the service provider. Quality service can only be
guaranteed when you are working with a collaborative service provider.

Credibility: A credible service provider should stick to the
agreement and deliver the work that has been agreed upon without fail.

Proven track record: Experience and success are important
when you are doing infrastructural projects. A great company should be able to
prove that they are capable by showing a previous success.